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About NALG

ACT Division History

At the NALGA Annual Council Meeting in 1974, Ossie Ratford, Charlie Ratford and Cecil Smith were given approval to survey the ACT with the aim of establishing a Division based in the ACT. In those early years Ossie Ratford was a NSW Division representative and worked hard to promote left handed golf and NALGA in the region. 

An inaugural dinner was conducted at the Royal Canberra Golf Club on 26th April, 1975, with a golf event held the following day at the Royal Canberra Golf Club which attracted more than 20 ACT left handers and visitors. At the first general meeting on 26th February 1979 the following executive was elected:

  • President         O Ratford
  • Sec/Treasurer  C Brammall
  • Committee      J Darcy, A Dow, G Findlay

The first ACT left handers' championship was held in conjunction with the Federal Golf Club's holiday weekend Amateur Open Day on 29th/30th September and 1st October, 1979. From a field of 41, John Cummins (RMC) took the left handers' title with a gross 174 (77/77).

ACT Division hosted its first NALGA Australian Championship in October, 1980 at the Royal Canberra and Federal Golf Clubs. A field of 160 competed. New Zealand left handed professional, Bob Charles, who was in Sydney to play in the Australian Open, accepted an invitation to attend and in addition to conducting a golf clinic at the Royal Canberra Club was also the guest speaker at the tournament dinner.

In 1986, players from the ACT attending the National Championships in Adelaide decided it was time to re-establish the Division and bring it back to strength. The first event organised by the "new guard" in December 1986 attracted 32 enthusiastic lefties. This was all the encouragement needed and a formal meeting was held in 1987 to elect a new executive committee comprising:

  • Chairman        N Worster
  • Committee      E Blocksidge, K Bourke, A Dow, B James

The Division has been active since then and has been host to 3 highly successful National Championships (1989, 1999, 2009 and 2018)